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As part of our Environmental Services we offer in-house expertise in Noise Monitoring and Impact Assessment. Using specialist software (Sound Plan) our experienced and trained staff can produce a full 3D simulation for noise generated during site development or activity.

By assigning noise sources and type, activity areas, ground conditions, property sizes and locations, a model can be generated based on a topographical survey of the site. Results can then be displayed graphically or in schedule format, specifying the predicted noise in dB(A) for the specified location of interest.

The screen shot to the left shows a generated contour map of predicted noise levels across the appraisal area. The results are based upon the inputted variables such as frequency spectrum data for the equipment used during the site activity, and their location. The final drawing is one component of a comprehensive report detailing methodology and schedules of results.

The image to the right is a 3D view of the noise model, showing site topography, buildings, noise sources and receiver positions. The model is also used as a QA tool in the evaluation process.

For further information on impact assessment services, including Noise and Dust Assessment, Landfill Gas or Leachate Modelling, please speak to a member of our Environmental team.