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At Silkstone Environmental we offer a comprehensive range of environmental services related to quarrying, waste disposal/recycling, and construction industries. The type of service provided can be tailored to suite the clients individual requirements and is provided by highly qualified and experienced personnel.

Typical environmental services range from sampling/analysis of groundwater at a landfill or contaminated land sites, to background noise monitoring and impact assessment from proposed development as part of a planning application.

Site investigation for contaminated land
Site investigation for contaminated land

A full range of services are provided and include:

  • In-situ landfill gas monitoring
  • Groundwater sampling and analysis
  • Leachate sampling and analysis
  • Surveying including earthworks re-measure and stockpile surveys
  • Noise measurement and assessment
  • Dust deposition monitoring
  • In-situ groundwater probe analysis
  • In-situ Petrochem analysis (contaminated land)
  • Nuclear Density Gauge (NDG) Testing
  • Ground level monitoring (surveying)