Land and Measured Building Surveying

Silkstone Surveys is a trading name of Silkstone Environmental Ltd. Founded in 2000, the survey team has the latest software and equipment to deliver surveys in the most efficient manner. Our significant in-house experience enables a good understanding of client requirements, for a variety of developments.

Example contoured topographical survey
Example contoured topographical survey
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Example survey with drainage and accurate trees
Example survey with drainage and accurate trees
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Silkstone Surveys work with Architects, Planners and Developers throughout the UK.
We can provide the following services;

Land / Topographical Surveys

  • TPS and GPS equipment
  • LSS and MBS Software
  • 3D terrain models, Contouring
  • Ground profiles
  • Volumetric calculations
  • Road markings
  • Drainage details
  • Accurate tree positions

Specialist areas include

  • Lease plan compliant drawings
  • Listed property surveys

Measured Building Surveys

  • Floor plans
  • External / internal elevations
  • Cross sections
  • Sectional Elevations
  • Roof plans
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Unrolled elevations

Example floorplan
Example floorplan [Click to enlarge]

Example elevation
Example elevation [Click to enlarge]

For further information please speak to a member of our surveys team.